The Upward Basketball 2021 season has been canceled due to the sharp increase in COVID cases in our region.

Here at First Baptist, we currently host the Upward Basketball League. The league is for kids in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade and runs January – March.

This league is open to boys and girls, and has a cheerleading team, as well. The Upward Sports Program is a ministry first and a sports league second. The driving purpose behind Upward Sports is a desire to help young athletes PLAY WITH PURPOSE. To Play With Purpose means you make smart decisions, improve in your physical development, discover your life’s purpose, and put others needs before your own.

We use the Upward 360 Progression to develop the total athlete mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially. Experienced coaches guide players while using the teachings of Christ to foster positive sportsmanship and character.

The focus for K-4 students is Discovery:

  • Learn Right from Wrong: Discover rules, objectives, and a love for the game
  • Get in the Game: Introduce skills to play the game
  • Discover Your Life’s Purpose: Understand Christ’s plan and your part in it
  • Connect with Teammates: Play with peers and begin new relationships

We hope you and your kids enjoy our leagues.  (Background information on Upward Sports)

If you have any questions please call Kyle Marcus at 830-997-9511 extension 225, or e-mail him at